ana forrest on connecting with spirit

ana forrest on connecting with spirit

“When I first started yoga, I had no clue how to connect with my spirit. And as I actually began to think about that, I couldn’t find my spirit anywhere in my body because it wasn’t in my body. It had fled. It took a whole lot of work to generate enough care for myself to do this work.

I had to learn to be aware of when I would be doing things or thinking in a way that would drive my spirit out. When I would be thinking in a way that I was spewing smog internally, in my own internal wilderness, my spirit would leave. And I didn’t know that.”

Ana Forrest is the latest luminary to share her wisdom and experience on Yoga U Online’s Sadhana Sundays series. Sign up for the free (!) recorded  talk on Sunday, March 30 and you’ll also get access to a live Q&A with the renowned teacher.

Sadhana Sundays is a monthly series featuring in-depth conversations with “yoga trendsetters, thought leaders and prominent teachers” on all aspects of practice. Upcoming interview subjects include Cyndi Lee, Dr. Baxter Bell and Julian Walker.

Ana Forrest is an internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing. She is the creator of Forrest Yoga, a unique fusion of traditional yoga, new poses and sequences, Eastern wisdom and Native American medicine. Ana teaches worldwide at yoga conferences, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings. Here she is rocking some awesome tiger stripes at Wanderlust Vermont 2013 (via Well+GoodNYC):


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