adorable art makes anatomy fun

adorable art makes anatomy fun

Do you feel a little yoga shame because you don’t get anatomy? You don’t know the digestive system from the nervous system? Can’t tell an acromion from an esophagus? Maybe you’ve just been studying the wrong anatomical diagrams! Close your copy of Grey’s Anatomy and check out Rachel Ignotofsky’s adorable body systems.

Her bright and fun illustrations are an amazing introduction to the respiratory, digestive, nervous, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. If your brain is bored by dry anatomical art, a little whismy and quirk might help you grab onto anatomy.

The illustrations are available as posters on Etsy (and they’re on sale right now!). Here are a couple of my favourites:


digestive-system-by-rachel-ignotofsky-550x1100See the full body systems series on Rachel Ignotofsky’s website!

[via Street Anatomy]

  1. WONDERFUL!! Love these… have 50 hrs of anatomy study as a prereq for a yoga therapy course upcoming… thanks!

  2. Okay now that is adorable. 🙂