3 things to love about buddha pants

3 things to love about buddha pants

IAYB is smitten with our committed and beloved sponsor, Buddha Pants. We chose to work with this Florida-based company because they’re fun, stylish and driven by their values. They even state on their website: “Our mission is to create organic, fun, comfy, multi-functional garments just for you.”

We love this! We also love that founder Rachel Raab was inspired to make these pants because of her love for yoga and harem pants. In general, this style of pants is called Indian pants, harem pants, or guru pants. In addition to being super cute, practical and good for moving (including yoga), the Buddha Pants fold themselves into their own pocket-bag, making them a perfect travel-ready addition to any wardrobe.

While IAYB loves the whole ethos behind Buddha Pants, there are a few things we love even more. Here they are!

1. Hammer Time: It goes without saying that these fun, harem style pants bring to mind the infamous pants worn by M.C. Hammer in the early 90s. Yet somehow, these funky pants seem more timeless and contemporary.

2. Organic materials & versatile design: A pair of Buddha Pants folds up into it’s pocket, making a little pouch easy for travel. The pants are made from organic cotton and come in a variety of colours and patterns.

3. Lady-run business: IAYB loves to see ladies doing it for themselves. Buddha Pants were founded by Rachel Raab, a former graphic designer and printer based in Miami, Florida. She moved there looking for change – in all aspects of her life, including her career – and combined her love of yoga and harem pants to form an ethical and driven business.

This is what we love, and we think you’ll love these things about Buddha Pants, too!


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