’21st century yoga’ book unleashed upon the world!

I’m thrilled to announce that 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics & Practice, the book that Carol Horton and I have co-edited, is now available for purchase!

This is how we describe the book on our website:

Yoga may be rooted in ancient India, but it’s morphed into something new in North America today. Precisely what that might be, however, is difficult to say. Yoga is taught everywhere from spas to prisons, and foreverything from weight loss to spiritual transcendence. With its chameleon-like ability to adapt equally well to advertising, athletics, and ashrams, contemporary yoga is a fascinating phenomenon that invites investigation.

Written by experienced practitioners who are also teachers, therapists, activists, scholars, studio owners, and interfaith ministers, 21st Century Yoga is one of the first books to provide a multi-faceted examination of yoga as it actually exists in contemporary North America.

And this is the awesome content:

  • Introduction: Yoga and North American Culture – Carol Horton
  • Enlightenment 2.0: The American Yoga Experiment – Julian Walker
  • How Yoga Makes You Pretty: The Beauty Myth, Yoga and Me – Melanie Klein
  • Questioning the “Body Beautiful”: Yoga, Commercialism, and Discernment – Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio
  • Bifurcated Spiritualities: Examining Mind/Body Splits in the North American Yoga and Zen Communities – Nathan Thompson
  • Starved for Connection: Healing Anorexia Through Yoga – Chelsea Roff
  • Yoga and the 12 Steps: Holistic Recovery from Addiction – Tommy Rosen
  • Modern Yoga Will Not Form a Real Culture Until Every Studio Can Also Double as a Soup Kitchen and other observations from the threshold between yoga and activism – Matthew Remski
  • Yoga for War: The Politics of the Divine – Be Scofield
  • Our True Nature is Our Imagination: Yoga and Non-Violence at the Edge of the World – Michael Stone
  • How Yoga Messed With My Mind – Angela Jamison
  • Afterword: The Evolution of Yoga and the Practice of Writing – Roseanne Harvey

Hot off the press!

The Yoga Journal Buzz blog just posted a short interview with Carol and I, where we go into more detail about the vision and intention behind the book. I, of course, couldn’t resist poking a little fun at mainstream yoga marketing tactics.

If you’re in Montreal this weekend, come on out to the launch party! Superstar contributor Frank Jude Boccio and I will lead a short discussion about yoga and politics. There will also be a free yoga class with Carina Raisman and a community dinner. Details:

21st Century Yoga Montreal Launch
Saturday, Sept 29 – starting at 5pm
Yoga Resource, 5141 St Denis, Montreal

And don’t forget to buy the book!

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  1. First off, HUGE CONGRATS! 😀 <3

    Secondly, I ordered a copy yesterday & will eagerly read it once it arrives. I'll also be posting my review of the book on my blog to keep spreading the word! 🙂

    • thank you so much, victoria! (i know i already thanked you on instagram, but here it is again!)

  2. Why no essay on yoga humor… :0

  3. Wow, congrats on a brilliant achievement! Looks like some awesome stuff there. Will it be available as an e-book?

  4. congrats! i’ll have to check it out.

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