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this field of resilient yoga: an interview with angela jamison

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There’s a piece of me that is fascinated with alternative ways of making meaning and wishes I could have committed myself to the path of teaching yoga as a livelihood. I had the chance to encounter this reality last month when I went to a presentation at the University of Victoria called Politics of Yoga: Sex, Religion and Power in a Global Industry.… Read more
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that time i tried goat yoga

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On the first hot day of the west coast summer, I drove 30 minutes out from the city of Victoria to a lavender farm near the ferry terminal to try yoga with goats. I paid $25 each for my partner and myself at the Victoria Lavender Farm’s gift shop, resisting the urge to buy handmade lavender soap or a goat yoga t-shirt (complete with a cross-legged and, inexplicably, cross-eyed goat), and then walked to a…
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a brief history of international yoga day

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I started researching this post fully intending on taking down International Yoga Day. Even though I really didn’t know what it was all about. I didn’t pay much attention to it when it was announced at the end of 2014 and started rolling in June 2015, but I do recall the controversy and overt nationalism.… Read more
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the meaning of union

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After years of co-creating a yoga community building project, when I moved to Victoria I found myself less connected to my local yoga community and more interested in the union at my workplace. One of the things that happened since my move west from Montreal three years ago is that I became a normal person with a job-job.… Read more
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internet wanderings: yoga, social justice & service

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Hanging out on the internet and consuming media, especially as long-form writing, is pretty much my favourite thing to do. It’s almost part of my spiritual practice. It definitely informs my life and how I engage with the world. In my internet wanderings, even while IAYB was on hiatus, I find myself paying attention to how yoga is portrayed in mainstream media.… Read more