Apr 9, 2014

lululemon’s game plan for 2014: voice & inclusivity

Lululemon’s new CEO announced the brand’s strategy for 2014. Get ready for lululemon to take control of the discussion & be inclusive. Whatever that means.

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Apr 8, 2014

yoga for osteoporosis course from yoga u online

Loren Fishman & Ellen Saltonstall are pioneers in the field of yoga for osteoporosis. They share all in an interview with Yoga U Online.

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Apr 2, 2014

love your body but first do these weight loss yoga videos: tara stiles’ mixed messag...

A well-received social media post by Tara Stiles about body image is undermined by a history of body-shaming work, including weight loss yoga videos.

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Apr 1, 2014

prank it forward: chelsea roff’s best shift ever

Sometimes the Internet is a nice & inspiring place. Yoga teacher & body image crusader, Chelsea Roff, receives a bunch of excellent tips during a video “prank.”

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Mar 27, 2014

ana forrest on connecting with spirit

Ana Forrest is the latest luminary to share her wisdom & experience on Yoga U Online’s Sadhana Sundays series. Sign up for the free talk on Sunday, March 30.

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Mar 25, 2014

yes yoga has curves: awesome book project needs your help!

Support the shifting paradigm of what makes a “yoga body” by supporting YES Yoga Has Curves, a new book project highlighting curvy yoga divas!

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Mar 23, 2014

sponsor spotlight: kara-leah grant of the yoga lunchbox

40 Days of yoga is a straight forward & practical guide to maintaining a home-based yoga practice. Author Kara-Leah Grant talks about her project & why she wrote it.

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